Breezair Evaporative Cooling Installation


We were asked by a customer to improve the temperature within their new machine shop area.

During peak summer temperatures the room could reach 35°c, which obviously made it very difficult for the staff to function efficiently.

After performing a site survey we proposed that the best possible solution to the high room temperature would be the installation of one Breezair Evaporative cooler and accompanying extract fan.

The buildings fabric/roof made this an ideal solution as penetrations could easily be made through the roof.

We proposed that a 550 x 550 duct be brought through the roof, terminating in an eight-way plenum thereby distributing the air evenly around the room.

Then by adding a variable speed extract fan we could maintain a constant air change rate within the space.

Both the extract fan and Breezair evaporative cooling unit Were mounted on the sloped roof via custom made upstands and bracketry.

A water supply to feed the Breezair evaporative cooler was taken from the nearest water source and run in push-fit pipework.

We chose to opt for a MAGIQTOUCH controller for its ease of operation.

its touchscreen operation and sleek aesthetic makes a great addition to the system.

after the installation was completed a full commissioning was undertaken.

not only did the system make a huge impact to the overall temperature of the space but also by bringing in 100% fresh air considerably improve the air quality.

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